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At West Village, we believe that as followers of Jesus we have the privilege of being called sons and daughters of God, adopted into His family and sent out to live as His image bearers in our city. How do we do that? By living IN and being reminded OF the identities that we take on as His DISCIPLES. We seek to know God more intimately, to continually deepen both our knowledge and our experience of who He is, what He has done for us, and how we get to live in light of those truths.


As we spend time with Jesus, we learn more and more about who He is and that changes how we live! Because God is our Father and we are His children, we live as FAMILY! Brothers and sisters in Christ! In this we reflect what a good, healthy family does in how we live life together. We eat and celebrate together. We support each other through joy and hardship, and we have FUN together!

As followers of Jesus we are also sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit to be MISSIONARIES where we live, work, learn and play. Jesus is such good news! So we look for ways to share that with others through youth club, at school, and in our other relationships.

And finally, because Jesus is our King, we are His SERVANTS and we are committed to serving one another and those around us! Jesus has done so much for us! Why wouldn't we do stuff for each other and those who God has placed in our lives?

And we do all of these things together, in community; gathering every Wednesday night from 7-9pm at the West Village offices (#112 - 2244 Sooke Rd.) Come and join us!


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