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What is Foundations School?

Foundations School is a 9 month (October to June), intensive development program that is designed to help form people theologically and give them a bigger vision for the Gospel and what it means to make disciples who make disciples.  This for anyone and everyone!  To help us all grow to be used by the Spirit in our church,  in workplaces, and all areas of our city.



It is all about Jesus!  Because West Village is all about Jesus, Foundations School is all about Jesus!  Foundations, at all levels, is focused on the Gospel message and how that impacts our lives and how we live in the world.

Foundations School is designed to give you the ability to think through and see through the lens of the Gospel. It allows you to locate your own life inside of God’s story of redemption and see what part you have to play in the story He is telling in our world.



~ Individual Study ~

You will be required to do some reading and pre-work for each semester.  Every participant will be responsible for their own reading.

~ Three 5-week trimesters ~

Each trimester is broken up into 5 week sections.  For 5 weeks you will meet for 2 hours for training and then you will have the rest of the time until the following trimester.

~ Collaborative Learning Environments ~

Each participant will be expected to participate in one another’s learning.  This isn’t a classroom setting but rather a guided discussion in which participants are asked to shape the learning experience for one another.

~ Monthly Mentor meetings ~

Each participant will be paired up with a mentor who will meet with you monthly to pray with you and encourage you as you go through this process.

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